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Maryland Solar Solutions
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 152 reviews
 by Google Review by Kate E.
Can't recommend them enough
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

6 days agoNEW
MSSI came highly recommended from a family friend, and they were the easy choice for us when it came to installing solar. We've been so pleased with their maintenance support, tracking our system, and overall service since our installation in 2021. Colette and her team are wonderful. We can't recommend them enough!

 by Google Review by Timothy S.
Great company and great service
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Great company and great service, they answer all your questions and there was no pressure at any time to sign a contract. The install went great and the quality of the work was outstanding.

 by Google Review by Jay T.
Great company to work with
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Great company to work with. Performed an excellent job from the hands on owner's involvement and knowledge to the laborers installing the panels.

 by Google Review by Mohammad A.
Very pleased and happily satisfied
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

Hi all... We are very pleased and happily satisfied with the service, professionalism, courtesy, and timely work that has been done by Maryland Solar Solutions, Inc (MSSI). We would recommend to anyone contemplating solar panels to go directly to MSSI. If anyone has any concerns, questions, or ambiguities in preparation for installment of solar panels, you will get honest and transparent answers from MSSI. We highly recommend them for their job that goes beyond the call of duty.

 by Google Review by Dennis U.
They are the absolute best
City & State: Towson, MD

We interviewed 4 companies for our solar project. MSSI not only had the best pricing, they took the extra time to educate us about the product, capabilities, and explained to us in detail why they recommended a specific solution for us. They were by far the most knowledgeable of all the companies we interviewed. Their install team was professional and courteous demonstrating over the top consideration for our home. The office staff worked tirelessly on our behalf to fulfill every promise the sales rep made to us. I couldn't be happier with them across the board. I gave them 5 stars only because there aren't 6 stars on the ratings chart. They are the absolute best.

 by Google Review by Chip H.
Completely satisfied
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

MSSI has two very unique qualities in the battlefield of solar equipment sales and service; One, they have NO salespeople. Colette, the company owner visits every potential client, learns their reasoning for their wanting solar, and then she decides if MSSI can meet their needs. Secondly, there is literally no one in the area that has been in the business longer nor knows the solar industry better than Colette Hayward. When it comes to service, MSSI rules. That includes every employee, from the project manager, to the single point of contact assigned to my account, to the administrator that files every permit request, to the installers. Everyone treated me like I was their most important customer. Any questions during any phase of my project were answered promptly and accurately. Finally, MSSI understands and delivers integrity and honesty one hundred percent of the time. I am completely satisfied that I chose MSSI.

 by Google Review by The Nicholsons
I strongly recommend them
City & State: Baltimore, MD

I'm a licensed professional engineer and MSSI was the most impressive of the 4 installers I discussed my project with. The president of the company (Colette) spent a couple hours with us on the initial visit (and subsequent visits) and did a thorough technical inspection of our home...nobody else came close to her rigor and the level confidence she provided us. She is clearly very experienced in this business, gave us lots of perspective and answered every question in detail. The installation went exactly as promised, as did all the peripheral actions (e.g., permitting, coordination with the local utility, applying for incentives on our behalf). She also provided us numerous honest reviews of her past work (not all 5.0 as another did). I never felt like I was getting handed off between multiple employees (of questionable knowledge and motivation) as I experienced with the other installers. MSSI exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend them.

 by Google Review by Scott F.
MSSI did a wonderful job
City & State: Baltimore, MD

MSSI did a wonderful job with every aspect of our 30 panel rooftop solar installation, from the initial assessment and proposal through the installation and support phases. I’m very detail-oriented, and not a single detail was missed. The system has performed flawlessly for about 6 years so far, and I unreservedly recommend MSSI.

 by Google Review by Thomas B.
Colette and her team made the whole experience effortless
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

Colette and her team made the whole experience effortless. They had the panels installed on schedule and we went from regular roof to fully installed and connected in a week. We were sold on the fact that they had been in business for over a decade and were quick to respond whenever we had any questions.

 by Google Review by John G.
Courteous and professional throughout the process
City & State: Towson, MD

My neighbor got solar panels a few years ago and when I was ready to get solar I asked her what company she used and she said MSSI. She said she was very pleased with the install and service over that time and that was good enough for me. My experience with MSSI is the same as hers: excellent installation job, no issues and responsiveness to questions and concerns is excellent and almost immediate. All of the MSSI employees were courteous and professional throughout the process.

 by Google Review by Bryon B.
Smooth process with absolutely no issues
City & State: Baltimore, MD

We had a ~7kW solar array complete with 23 WINAICO WSP-340MX modules and a nice solar edge inverter. Is was a smooth process and we've been going for almost three years with absolutely no issues. This solar system has probably been the most reliable part of the home and has greatly reduced our electric bills.

 by Google Review by Mark S.
Outstanding service
City & State: Catonsville, MD

I am grateful to MSSI for their outstanding service in planning, purchasing, and installing our solar solution. They were professional from beginning to end of installation and continue to help via phone as necessary. We appreciate the rebates and tax benefits that continue to come to us. MSSI is the best!

 by Google Review by Bob
Highly recommend
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Today is the 4th day w my system operating. I can’t more highly recommend MSSI as a solar installer! My production today in March is over 54 kilowatts just today. The CEO told me about the temperature operating range for my panels capable of 85 degrees celsius, so even on the extreme hot days the summer I expect the system to keep running! Wow!

 by Google Review by George J.
MSSI uses top-grade materials and stands behind their work
City & State: Timonium, MD

Very happy with our experience. We got estimates from a number of companies and found MSSI and Collette to be the most honest, trustworthy and informative. MSSI uses top-grade materials and stands behind their work. Installers were professional, courteous, and fast.

 by Google Review by Matthew H.
We couldn't be happier
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Colette and her MSSI team did a terrific job. We couldn't be happier. Colette answered all of our questions and made sure to do things in the right way. Many of the solar companies out there today are solely looking to turn a quick profit. Colette and her team are interested in profit, of course. But they are also interested in providing a good product (that will last over time and not do damage to the roof of your home) and providing good service to the consumer. Choosing MSSI over the other companies we interviewed was one of the best decisions we made in relation to our house. MSSI also was reasonable in terms of price. It may well be that MSSI won't always offer the lowest price, but the quality of product and service you are getting makes what they charge well worth it. Thank you, MSSI!

 by Google Review by Kris B.
From start to finish MSSI did a superb job
City & State: Sykesville, MD

From start to finish MSSI did a superb job. While I am certain we could have gotten solar installed at a lower price, I feel the quality of the installation and knowledge of how to design and maintain a system is more than worth the price. We are very happy with our system.

 by Google Review by Chris
Great customer service and top notch products
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

Great customer service and MSSI installed top notch products. We love our solar!!

 by Google Review by K D
Had a very good experience with MSSI
City & State: Olney, MD

Had a very good experience with MSSI. Everyone was detail oriented and helpful through the process. Installed 22 solar panels in 2022 and the system has been operating smoothly.

 by Google Review by Dan K.
Very pleased with the information, service, and support
City & State: Baltimore, MD

I have been very pleased with the information, service, and support I've received from Maryland Solar Solutions. We signed a contract with them in March 2022 and seven weeks later had our solar panels installed. They took care of all the permits and communicated with Montgomery County and Pepco to make the process smooth and quick. After installing the inverter they tested it and found a glitch -- it was not communicating correctly with the manufacturer's online dashboard. So MSSI went and bought a replacement inverter and brought it the next day, rather than wait for a replacement from the manufacturer. So we had a one-day delay, but our system went online right after that. The panels work great, no problems, and in the summer they generate all the electricity we need. One Pepco bill was like $0.40. I highly recommend MSSI.

 by Google Review by Linda H.
I would highly recommend
City & State: Gambrills, MD

In May of 2022 we had 40 solar panels installed on our barn roof, to power the electricity in our house. It is great. Our electric bill is around $9 monthly and that is the customer service charge! MSSI employees were great. They explained the system in easy to understand terms, cleaned up each day, completed all the paperwork for us for tax credits, SRECS etc and they monitor the system for at least 5y for daily output, which we can access too. Colette, the owner, was very professional, available for any questions we had. I would highly recommend the company.

 by Google Review by Dale R.
Informative and honest
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

5 years ago I had my first contact with MSSI. Their proposal was very comprehensive and informative and honest, not like most of the solar companies out there. They did an excellent installation, supplied quality equipment, and have backed up their work and equipment. I was so satisfied with my initial purchase of 54 panels and 2 inverters that I purchased an additional 16 panels and 1 inverter. They have always been a phone call away on the rare occasions I have had a problem.

 by Google Review by Ali D.
Excellent service
City & State: Catonsville, MD

Great company, excellent service. I am very satisfied.

 by Google Review by Christy P.
Great to work with each & every step of the process
City & State: Towson, MD

Company was great to work with each & every step of the process. We literally researched for hours 5 other companies as well & did all the comparisons and very pleased we selected MSSI. They always answered every question and was very detailed for the spouse who likes “data” and science behind it all. We would highly recommend and we’re enjoying not having an electric bill 🙂 That money now goes to paying for the panels.

 by Google Review by David S.
MSSI comes HIGHLY recommended
City & State: Eldersburg, MD

We asked 4 companies for quotes on installing solar panels: one quote was so high as to be totally non-competitive; another company botched the design and took two months to reply with a corrected design; a third never responded.

MSSI was the ONLY company to respond quickly, accurately, and to follow up with us consistently. Their quote was reasonable, their design accurate, and their installation process completely professional. This is a small, local company that obviously takes pride in their work. We knew all the time what was happening. They handled all the paperwork, including for available rebates. From initial contact to post-installation assistance, we knew all along the process what the expected end result was going to be, and they never disappointed.

If you are looking for solar panel installation, MSSI comes HIGHLY recommended

 by Google Review by Thomas D.
The best quality and best service
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

We had proposals from various companies but chose MSSI since we believed they had the best quality and best service. And we believe we were not wrong. The installation went smoothly and was finished before the originally scheduled date. The office was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions professionally. MSSI also took care of all paperwork for the needed permits and various rebates offered by county, state and federal authorities. I will wholeheartedly recommend MSSI to anyone who is considering the installation of a solar array.

 by Google Review by Tawny A.
An excellent company to work with
City & State: Cockeysville, MD

MSSI was an excellent company to work with. They were very informative, communication was great, and the whole project went smoothly. Highly recommend.

 by Google Review by Sharon T.
Very pleased
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Loving our solar! Very pleased with the entire solar journey with MSSI.

 by Google Review by McCullough P.
You can't find a better company for your solar project
City & State: Randallstown, MD

MSSI is a great company and delivers what they promise. From the folks in the office setting appointments, coordinating the after installation activities(of which there are many) and educating you on how to navigate the world of solar energy to the solar installers and electricians insuring the physical installation happens in a seamless manner they are professional, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and truthful.
MSSI cost a little more than the large (sell you what they want instead of what you need) companies, but you get what you pay for (in both instances). You can't find a better company for your solar project.
Colette Hayward has built a Five Star company for sure.

Thanks Maryland Solar Solutions Inc., for a job superbly done.

 by Google Review by Lawrence G.
Recommend highly
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

Two different installations of solar panels by MSSI done with professionalism and gracious accommodation to our daily routine. First installation gave us a dramatically reduced electric bill, with the second installation a few years later to make us almost energy independent. Top-of-the-line, industry highlighted components installed at a competitive price both times. Clean installation even acknowledged by the county inspectors. Recommend highly.

 by Yelp Review by Ayalah D.
Excellent Service
City & State: Fort Washington, MD

Excellent Service! The owner explained every plan very well and make sure we were very comfortable with every step of the process. I will definitely recommend this company to all of my friends.

 by Google Review by Joe G.
The whole team has been wonderful
City & State: Baltimore, MD

I turned to MSSI for all steps of installing a ground-mounted solar array. From beginning to end (and beyond--they are still making sure that everything is working as it should and that I'm getting the various credits that I am due), the whole team has been wonderful. I feel very fortunate to have found Colette and her colleagues. I recommend them without reservation.

 by Google Review by Sarah H.
Data-driven, fully transparent, honest, and credible company
City & State: Catonsville, MD

I did not initiate a solar project due to current shading on my roof, but my ongoing correspondence with Emily at MSSI to determine whether anything was feasible or workable, from an economic or environmental perspective, demonstrated that MSSI is a very thoughtful and thorough company that acts with integrity and transparency - which is not always a given in this industry. From my experience, MSSI is a data-driven, fully transparent, honest, and credible company. If my roof shading one day changes (I'm never inclined to cut trees - but if I happen to lose one), I'd go with MSSI in a heartbeat!

 by Angie's List Review by Brian S.
Highly recommend
City & State: Baltimore, MD

I’m still planning and haven’t installed anything yet but Emily at MSS has been terrific. She talked me through the entire process with an admirable combination of knowledge, patience, and candor. We discussed the pros and cons of installing panels at my place, designed a system using satellite images of my home that’s appropriately sized to offset my electricity consumption, estimated the cost of my install, reviewed federal, state, and local tax breaks along with anticipated SRECs, and determined my likely payback period. I highly recommend.

 by Google Review by Wilma P.
Commitment to customer service is unsurpassed
City & State: Columbia, MD

We were impressed with the quality and efficiency of the panels used by MSSI as compared with other companies. Furthermore, their commitment to customer service is unsurpassed. They were knowledgeable and very helpful through the entire process from HOA approval to installation to coordinating with BGE to registering to sell the extra energy we produce. It is complicated, and we would have been lost on our own! Now that our project is complete, they will continue to monitor our output and troubleshoot any issues. We could not be happier with our choice! We highly recommend Maryland Solar Solutions.

 by Google Review by David M.
Would Highly Recommend
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Really well. Although MSSI was more expensive than the other 3 companies from whom we received quotes, the extra money was more than worth it given their willingness to walk us through the process and respond to our many questions. Although I think I'm pretty well educated, I would highly recommend that a potential solar customer work with MSSI and pay the extra money--it'll save time and frustration in the long-run. An additional perk is that this is a woman-owned, US military veteran-owned company.

 by SolarReviews Review by Jennifer
The best customer service
City & State: Towson, MD

We had 31 panels installed 4 years ago, and they have definitely lived up to their billing. MSSI designed the system, adding 10 more panels than we thought we could fit. Their price quote was right on target, and the quality of the panels has been fantastic. We just got an email from their monitoring service & someone came out to fix our panel free of charge. Overall, I highly recommend & can’t say enough great things about MSSI!

 by Google Review by Stijn O.
Very knowledgeable and experienced in this field
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Although I did not end up going with MSSI for my solar project, I did want to leave a positive review for their customer service during the quote process. I had a lot of questions about the process and the system, and Lizzie patiently answered all of them. The visit from Colette, the owner, was very helpful as she is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in this field. She brought up certain issues that other companies had not, and checked the structure and electrical of the house herself, which I thought was very thorough. When we asked for adjustments in the quote, MSSI was quick to provide them. And, clearly Colette and her company care about getting people on solar power to help the environment. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with this company!

The only reason I am giving them 4 stars instead of 5 is their pricing. As you can read in other reviews, compared to other companies they are more expensive. For me personally, their price differential ultimately was too much to justify, and I went with another local company. But from all I have seen from them, I would expect they would have done a great job!

 by Facebook Review by David G.
Best contractor we've ever worked with
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

We had our solar panels installed in early spring of 2019 and were extremely pleased with the entire process.

MSSI quoted price was not the lowest but was very competitive (the lowest quoted price we got was from company that also tried to sell us other products and seemed much more interested in selling other things than the actual business of installing solar panels...make of that what you will), but we believe it was worth it because everything was done with the utmost professionalism and quality materials.

Colette was absolutely fantastic explaining the ins and outs of solar and making sure everything was done properly. Her team took care of all the paperwork and have been great in explaining how to sell the SRECs we generate. We haven't had any hassles, no chasing people around on the phone, etc. One of our main concerns in getting solar panels was how responsive the company would be to problems with the system arising after installation. We haven't had any issues yet, but, given our experience thus far, feel confident that MSSI would address them in a timely manner.

Best contractor we've ever worked with and we could only wish all contractors were like MSSI.

 by Google Review by Cole D.
By far the best option
City & State: Baltimore, MD

I did a ton of research before picking a solar company to work with. I ended up using many different calculators to try and figure out what type of panel and how many kWh would give me the best bang for my buck (return on investment, i.e. minimum number of years payback). I also found out fairly quickly that there is wide variability in panel installers and panels themselves. The bottom line is, after months of research, I finally decided to use MSSI, and 2 months after the install is over, I can say that the time spent was worth it. If you want solar and live in Maryland, save yourself some time and use MSSI. They know what they're doing and are by far the best option for anyone considering solar in the area.

 by BBB Review by Cole D.
By far the best option for anyone considering solar
City & State: Eldersburg, MD

I did a ton of research before picking a solar company to work with. I ended up using many different calculators to try and figure out what type of panel and how many kWh would give me the best bang for my buck (return on investment, i.e. minimum number of years payback). I also found out fairly quickly that there is wide variability in panel installers and panels themselves. The bottom line is, after months of research, I finally decided to use MSSI, and 2 months after the install is over, I can say that the time spent was worth it. If you want solar and live in Maryland, save yourself some time and use MSSI. They know what they're doing and are by far the best option for anyone considering solar in the area.

 by Google Review by Bill W.
We highly recommend MSSI
City & State: Westminster, MD

We were looking at Solar City (Tesla) and after doing more research we picked MSSI and we're glad we did! Last fall, under almost impossible weather conditions they were able to get our system installed before the end of year so we could get our tax credit in 2019.

They installed a 11.2 KW system with the latest solar panel technology along with an LG battery as a backup. We did experience some glitches with the software but they were able to resolve them. The web and mobile monitoring applications are fantastic and have allowed us to see how we can reduce our energy consumption. We highly recommend MSSI!

 by Google Review by Adam G.
Highly recommend
City & State: Harford County, MD

Hello everyone. I'm a 54 year old married man from Harford Co. MD. with a couple kids and a dog - a normal everyday guy. This was a very large investment for Myself and my wife, so I researched solar power thoroughly for ~ 5 years before pulling the trigger. We had a 62 panel install completed this past December by MSSI. Like most of you, I value others reviews and spent a considerable amount of time reading every MSSI review I could find. I challenge anyone to find a contractor (of any type) with as many 5 star review as MSSI. To me, this fact alone speaks volumes. Sometimes reviewers aren't informed enough to understand what to expect from a company providing a product or service, which complicates the validity of their rating. That fact, in conjunction with this companies voluminous amounts of 5 star ratings should verify to anyone that MSSI continually goes above and beyond to educate their customers. Knowledge IS power, and provides a level of comfort with large investments that, otherwise, would only bring trepidation. Keeping customers of every sort happy all the time is a tall task, yet they do it, day in and day out. They're a close knit company, and communicate with their employees and customers deliberately and professionally. They're prompt, responsive and courteous. They anticipate your needs, before, during and after the process is done. They have answers for any extraneous issues that may come up at any point in time. They have a process that works really well. What else can I say? Colette Hayward and her staff are the most professional small business organization I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I highly recommend MSSI for any solar project.

 by Facebook Review by Stacy M.
Thank you MSSI
City & State: Towson, MD

MSSI was the only company who helped me when I needed it! I had bought my solar system from the now-defunct Sungevity company. When I needed a new roof, I searched high and low in Maryland for a company that would take my panels off and put them back on again when the roof was done. I made a ton of phone calls, but even though Sungevity was no longer in business, none of the other solar companies would "touch a competitor's panels." But not MSSI! They came to my rescue, took the panels down, fixed the damage a squirrel had done to them, put them back up when the new roof was on, and made the whole system work again! My heroes! Eventually I will upgrade my system, and it will be with MSSI! Thank you MSSI!!

 by Google Review by John D.
Exceeded my already high expectations
City & State: Fort Washington, MD

In considering solar panels for our Fort Washington MD house in 2017 I began with detailed general and then specific research.
One of the first decisions was: purchase versus leasing. My research indicated that in almost all cases, purchasing was the best option. Among other reasons, a leased system is considered a liability when selling a home, while a system owned outright is considered an asset. Also, instead of the home owner reaping the benefits of the generous 30% federal tax credit (and lesser varied county and state tax credits) the leasing company claims these credits. Currently Maryland provides an immediate tax credit of $1,000, while PG County’s property tax credit is a maximum of $5,000, however; funds are not available from the latter until sometime in the 2020s). The only benefit from leasing a system is lower up-front costs. Estimates vary, but in general a purchased system pays for itself in about seven years.
Next, I read numerous independent reviews of both local and national solar panel providers. Though MSSI consistently received the highest evaluations I also interviewed two other company’s representatives. Ms. Colette Hayward, MSSI owner, gave me the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and professional presentation without the slightest trace of pressure.
Ms. Hayward was knowledgeable about the federal, MD, and county incentives available, and stated her associates would assume the burden of applying for permits, local grants, and connection to the grid. This was indeed true as we moved forward with the installation process. MSSI took care of all paperwork except for the federal 30% tax credit which was a simple process when submitting my federal tax return.
The system was installed in late May 2017, and by June, when all permits were obtained, we began to benefit from our professional and visually attractive solar array.
However, after about a week MSSI contacted me to say our system was only producing about 50% of its potential output. After an on site system analysis, the MSSI specialist could not locate any faults in the system. MSSI then hounded PEPCO until a representative checked all lines from our residence to the main grid, again without any faults found. MSSI, then replaced the inverter (MSSI has a 5 year monitoring and maintenance program, while the Winaico panels have the 25 year linear performance guarantee).. Once again, no improvement was noted, and once again, an MSSI technician completed a through analysis of the solar array with no fault found.
Ms. Hayward then asked about our internal house wiring. When I replied that everything was functioning normally, she asked if we had aluminum wiring. When I answered yes, she stated there was a high probability that one or more bad connections was the cause of the problem and that I should have an electrician upgrade all in-house electrical connections. Though skeptical, I had an electrician upgrade all electrical outlets, switches, lights and appliance connections. This consisted of using special copper connections installed between the aluminum wire and each of these. It took several weeks to complete the project during which there was no improvement until the double oven connection was upgraded. From then on the system has functioned perfectly. I still feel badly that MSSI devoted so much effort to find the fault when it was actually in our house aluminum wiring connections.
MSSI continues to monitor the functioning of our system, which I can also do using their web page, and provides periodic reports.
In summation, MSSI has exceeded my already high expectations. Consequently, I unequivocally endorse the company, its owner, and her professional and friendly staff as the best solar power provider in the state of Maryland.

 by Google Review by Bill W.
Highly recommend
City & State: Towson, MD

MSSI installed my solar system in 2015. I've had two issues with the system since then (failed inverter/inoperative panel), and both were corrected quickly and professionally-all under warranty. It's certainly good to have a solid installation (which MSSI accomplished)-it's even more impressive to see how the company stands behind their work. I'd highly recommend Colette and MSSI for a quality solar install that will work well for years.

 by Google Review by Diane H.
So pleased
City & State: Baltimore, MD

MSSI installed solar panels on my home a few years back. I spent a great deal of time researching this topic and interviewed several contractors to complete the job. MSSI provided the most detailed information, spending the most time with me explaining exactly what my options were and the differences between them. It was plenty clear to me that they were the company to choose to complete the job. Not only did Collette climb on the roof of my home to inspect its condition, and the ability to hold these panels for several years to come, but she also went into my attic to ensure there was sufficient "structure" to withhold the weight of the panels.

Although MSSI was not the least expensive contractor bidding to complete the job, they were certainly the most knowledgeable, credible, and competent. One of my panels recently reported that it was no longer working. MSSI, who monitors my panels (included in the installation at no extra cost) sent me an email notifying me that one panel was no longer operational, and that they would be at my home the following Monday to replace it (covered under the warranty). How awesome is that? I now have an app on my phone which allows me to monitor the functionality of all the panels, so I also can check to ensure the solar panel system is fully operational.

I am so pleased that I decided to install a solar panel system within my home. It certainly does reduce the cost of electricity, it is great for the environment, and I actually make a bit of income during the warmer months when the panels "pump" excess electricity back into the grid.

I have never, for a moment, regretted hiring MSSI to install my solar panel system . You won't either.

 by Google Review by Franz G.
Impressed by the quality, workmanship and great customer service
City & State: Eldersburg, MD

About a year ago, we had a solar system installed by Maryland Solar Systems, Inc., and do not regret having chosen this company. From the first contact, when they explained in detail the advantages of the solar panel they recommend, through the installation process, including attention to details as well as daily visits of the owner to address any questions/concerns, as well as their help with setting up the systems for receiving the solar credits, we were impressed by the quality, workmanship and great customer service.

 by Google Review by Sam G.
Honest assessment
City & State: Baltimore, MD

It's a bit weird too be reviewing a company that didn't put solar on my house, but...

I contacted a Maryland Solar Solutions to get a quote on putting solar on our townhome's roof. What I got back was an unexpectedly thorough email showing aerial photos at different times of year and explaining how the large trees behind our house (off property) would make a solar array have a long payback and perform poorly.

Rather than try and sell us on it anyway, we got an honest assessment and avoided spending unnecessary money. They didn't install anything, but here I am appreciating this company anyway.

Thanks MD Solar Solutions!

 by SolarReviews Review by Webs
Two years since the solar install and could not be happier
City & State: Waldorf, MD

I did not submit a review when my 12 KW install was complete because, although my experience with Colette in purchasing and installing the system was incredibly professional and well executed, I did not feel that an assessment of MSSI was valid until I'd spent some time with the system operating. Well, it's been more than two years since my Solar installation was completed, and I can tell you that MSSI has been wonderful to deal with as the system was set up, the system registered for SRECS, and their performance in monitoring the system operation. They've recently identified the second issue with the system operations-and in both cases caught the problem before I could identify it. They then contacted the equipment manufacturer and arranged for warranty replacement-and conducted the functional repair in a timely manner. My system continues to operate well-and I could not be happier with the entire experience of having purchased my solar array from MSSI.

 by Google Review by Chai
MSSI deserves the highest ratings
City & State: Odenton, MD

A year and a half ago (December 2015), MSSI installed a 5.4 kW (18-panel) solar panel array on our end-unit townhome in Odenton. Before deciding to go with MSSI, we considered other solar companies with alternative business models. We must say: the purchase of high-quality solar panels (with a 25 year performance warranty) outright from MSSI made the most business sense for us; in addition to enhancing our property’s value as an asset, we retained the 30% federal tax credit; the Maryland Clean Energy Grant; Anne Arundel County property tax credit; Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and substantial summertime electricity savings. An added bonus has been BGE’s annual net meter “zero out”, when BGE performs a true-up of net negative/excess, converting the amount of net excess energy balance into a dollar value. Consumers who go with the “no money up front” options unwittingly forfeit these incentives, becoming essentially income streams for the companies with which they sign leases and are obligated to pay rent.

We had in-home consultations with two other companies. From the outset, the owner treated us with courtesy and respect. MSSI exceeded expectations not just on an interpersonal level, but on a professional one. The solar array installation proposals from the other two companies utilized outdated solar equipment, and seemed slipshod and inelegant compared to the MSSI design proposal. While on site, the owner of MSSI (a solar panel subject-matter expert in her own right) was the only one to inspect the attic space, which resulted in expansion of the initial 15-panel array proposal into 18-panels. The MSSI owner patiently and articulately made the MSSI business case, as we asked questions before making our final decision. While Ohio-based YellowLite may have the same purchase outright business model, MSSI being based within the D.C.-Maryland area was a crucial factor in our decision. We also appreciated the MSSI owner being on-site the first day of the installation. The crew was as professional and respectful as when the owner of MSSI first stepped into our home. As homeowners who work full-time, it was a relief to know we would not be acting as de facto general contractors.

We made the best decision we could, based upon the information we had in 2015. The only pressure we experienced was from the federal tax credit that was set to expire in 2015. Rather than wait until 2016 for the cutting-edge 305M6 modules, we went with the 300M6 ones, as quoted within the MSSI proposal, despite the Senate passing an extension on 18 December 2015. Another selling point which has not lived up to expectation has been the Maryland SRECs. The initial projections MSSI provided assumed a thriving market for Maryland SRECs. The market for Maryland SRECs, however, went through a downturn in 2016, which MSSI candidly addressed in a 15 October 2016 email. We have been unable to sell any SRECs yet. Once PJM-GATS creates certificates for May and June we (finally) hope to navigate PJM-GATS, taking our first meager 10 SRECs to market.

Notwithstanding the 20/20 hindsight, we concur MSSI deserves the highest ratings. The “purchase outright” business model remains a solid investment, compared to the “lease buy-back” or “bundled roof and solar array” business models. Assuming a homeowner “purchases outright,” the 30% federal tax credit; Maryland Clean Energy Grant, and Anne Arundel property tax credit are the most immediate, with long-term electricity savings being next, and finally the issue of Maryland SRECs (and the confusing PJM-GATS system) arguably located the furthest out, the rise or fall of Maryland SRECs (and low user friendliness of PJM-GATS) never being within MSSI’s control.

If we had to do it over again, we would still contract with MSSI for solar panel array installation. We will keep MSSI in mind, as we may have the need to install another solar panel array at some point in the future. MSSI's knowledgeable design; quality workmanship, and follow-on aftercare continue to reap dividends.

 by Google Review by Tet C.
Nothing but praise
City & State: Baltimore, MD

As you go through the daunting process of finding a solar contractor, I have one piece of advice: make sure MSSI is on the list of companies you interview. MSSI is a professional, knowledgeable, no pressure, flexible solar installer. The price is fair. Some other contractors had a definite corporate feel, with polished sales reps, long contracts loaded with fine print, and carefully worded promises. MSSI contract on the other hand, is on a single page. After interviewing 3 other contractors, selecting MSSI was a straight forward decision for me.

We met with Collette who is also the owner of MSSI. She is also a NABCEP certified contractor herself. She carefully explained the rationale behind her choice of PV panels, and Inverters. She patiently went thru the process and how her company will make licensure and inspections as seamless as possible for her clients. She insisted we not make a decision on the first meeting, gave us time to digest, and followed up when we agreed. The process was low-key (a good thing).

MSSI listened to our needs, and carefully considered available options for placement and number of panels to allow roof access, location of the inverter, down to which wall to place the coax cable for internet connection to the system.

Collette herself was present to oversee the installation. The electricians and installers had full respect for the property and cleanliness. MSSI supported us thru the necessary paperwork and licenses.

Nothing but praise.

 by Google Review by Brandy I.
Very happy
City & State: Baltimore, MD

We interviewed a few different solar companies. MSSI came out and presented the facts about solar panels. Colette explained how it works and the benefits and reasons behind the products and software MSSI uses. We were given one fair price, no gimmicks, no scams. Other companies used very shady aggressive sales tactics. Other companies inflated prices and offered what appears to be huge discounts that were only good that day.
MSSI's whole team was/is great! They communicate the whole way through the process and the customer support continues after installation. We are very happy with our solar panel investment and MSSI!

 by Google Review by Dan H.
No-pressure, knowledgeable sales pitch
City & State: Laurel, MD

I appreciated the no-pressure, knowledgeable sales pitch (from the owner of the company). The other guys asked us to sign a contract on the spot to receive $500 off. Colette knows her stuff. We did look up the different panels, and the type that MSSI uses have favorable performance ratings. I am looking forward to the summer to see how much this system can really produce.

 by Google Review by Tony T.
Extremely professional and informative
City & State: Baltimore, MD

My experience with MSSI and the owner Colette was extremely professional and informative. I had many other companies try to sell me solar panels, however Colette's knowledge and presentation of solar panels was unmatched. I would not have purchased solar panels from anyone else other than MSSI. Her installers did a outstanding job and her office staff are very helpful. I am amazed at the production of the solar system I purchased and regret not purchasing solar panels years ago. Thank you Colette and the staff at MSSI.

 by Google Review by Arthur W.
Everybody involved was very professional
City & State: Baltimore, MD

My solar panels were installed about 6 months ago. I chose Maryland Solar Solutions for several reasons. First of all MSSI has nothing but glowing reviews. I was actually looking up another installer but I kept reading the great reviews by MSSI. Second, they are a local company and clearly invested in the community. Third, after meeting with Colette Hayward, I was sold. She clearly knows what she is doing and is very invested in making sure everything goes as plan. Everybody involved was very professional. Everything was laid out in a clear format and easy for me to understand. There were no surprises in the install. After the install they remain supportive and friendly. If you are thinking about going solar, MSSI should be at the top of your list.

 by Google Review by Jay H.
After-Install Communication has been great
City & State: Howard County, MD

The owner of MSSI is Colette Hayward. Her passion, knowledge, attention to details and full disclosure of costs and processes sold us on MSSI. The installation went very well -- only one small communication glitch. It's been less than two months but the after-install communication and hand-holding have been great. MSSI and other solar companies I dealt with show electricity costs rising faster than I expect over the next 10 years, so I won't be surprised if my payback period is a bit longer than projected. But no big deal if that happens. We are enjoying our CO2-free kilowatts. Thanks MSSI.

 by Google Review by Les H.
Very happy with the support team
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Had the install now for almost a year, and still happy with the solution. I think my cooling cost this year for a total is maybe $100 for 3K foot townhome. Perhaps, the real reason that makes this company different is the post install support. I must say that made a big difference, and I am very happy with the support team. Installers were good, but post support to me is really what I depend on.

 by Google Review by Peter G.
Extremely pleased
City & State: Lutherville, MD

Above all else, Collette Hayward, the president of MSSI, is not only hugely knowledgeable about all aspects of solar but her energy and enthusiasm are contagious – she devotes herself to solar and truly cares about its future. Rather than send a salesman, as did the two other companies from which we got proposals, she personally climbed all over our roof in the rain, met with us and packed an enormous amount of information into the morning she spent with us. Her office staff is well-informed and was able to either thoroughly answer or quickly research all my questions (and I did have several follow-up questions).

Our 2-day installation went very smoothly without any disruption to our home or yard. MSSI handled all the paperwork and moved the bureaucratic processes along – our county inspection was arranged for the very next day and their electrician had all the documentation needed. We did have some slippage with Pepco installing our net meter (they allegedly misplaced our application), but that seems beyond the ability of anyone (other than Pepco, of course) to control.

Although MSSI’s proposal was competitive the panels they use are more robust and with a superior warranty. Our installation was a half-year ago and it's been performing without a hitch -- and through a nifty app I can (and do) monitor our performance obsessively.

We are extremely pleased and highly recommend MSSI.

 by Google Review by Floyd
Professional, efficient and fast
City & State: Columbia, MD

We have been researching solar energy as well as solar providers and when we found MSSI we could find nothing but very high praise for these folks. Everything through out the entire process was very well explained and very detailed. Everyone involved is professional, efficient and fast and we are very happy with our installation.

 by Google Review by Apple C.
Great company
City & State: Baltimore, MD

MD Solar Solutions is a great company if you are in the market for solar panels. They take the time to walk you through the entire process, thoroughly answer questions, and explain the benefits of going solar. We had our panels installed 3 years ago and they continue to support and assist us.

 by Google Review by Ozzie K.
The service is really more than outstanding
City & State: Ferndale, MD

In January 2015 I started and active research in finding the best installer for solar panels. Out of four that I had interviewed I was able to ascertain that MSSI would be my best choice. Collette came to the house and gave her presentation as the others had also done and I found that Collette's presentation and estimate, although far from being the lowest, offered the best installation, panels and of course service than did the others. The workmanship was outstanding, and the workers were all polite and would answer any question or concern that I asked of them. They kept everything clean and neat. I had others who visited me and commented on the outstanding job that was done by MSSI The service is really more than outstanding. Any questions I had were promptly and professionally answered immediately. I have never had another firm that gave this kind of outstanding service as what MSSI does and they stay in constant contact with me and keep me informed of anything new. I highly recommend MSSI if you want a great job done in installing your solar panels. They are honest and above all dependable. Since I have been using the solar panels the only item I pay on my BGE bill is the fee of $8.00 which BGE charges. The BGE has sent me a check for my overage power. If anyone would like to view the solar installation on my home feel free to do so. I am in the telephone book. I would most highly recommend MSSI if you want a good job done. They are the best.

 by Google Review by Tom L.
Have been very happy
City & State: Frederick, MD

My house in Liberty Village in Frederick County was designed specifically in 1999-2000 to have a site orientation for a true south facing roof with a 9/12 roof pitch and without any gables, skylights, or roof penetrations by vents or any other fixtures. Geothermal ground source heating was installed to eliminate any fossil fuel emissions on site and to reduce electrical energy demand, but at that time solar PV arrays were too expensive and inefficient.
In 2012, Collette began investigation for a solar array. In 2014 I made a commitment and MSSI designed and installed a very successful PV array in Nov 2014 that has been operating very productively ever since. There have been a couple small partial equipment failures in either microinverters or other items of which I was totally unaware, however MSSI remotely checks the performance and output daily and both alerted me to the defects and sent a crew who made repairs or necessary upgrades within 2 days without any additional charges to me.
MSSI also even alerts me to the failure of the internet connection, usually due to either a circuit breaker trip, router malfunction, or ISP breakdown.
I have been very happy with the MSSI installation, especially with the full roof coverage and the fully concealed conduits which don't create any aesthetic or functional problems of any nature. I receive small charges from Potomac Edison for power in November through March, but the rest of the year only get charged for a $5.35 system charge.
Fortunately, MSSI was able to get local permit approval for a full rooftop array, 36 panels, 12 wide edge to edge, 3 high gutter to roofline. In 2015, Frederick County created the very obstructive illusion that PV arrays needed a 3' walkway around the entire array for firefighting which has prevented many owners in this community from installing any solar because this bureaucratic opposition of local government renders the net usable rooftop area so small, that there is no longer any economy of scale for rooftop solar installation unless the roof is over 50' wide.
I have been proud to put this house on tour with the MD-VA-DC solar tour the first weekend of every October. This year, I set up my laptop connected to the SolarEdge monitoring portal and connected a 24" monitor so I could demonstrate the constant monitoring function to visitors who enjoyed the presentation.

 by Facebook Review by Jennifer D.
Fantastic service
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Fantastic service & seamless install!

 by Google Review by Mark
Great experience
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

We had our MSSI system installed approximately 2 years ago. Great experience. Friendly and professional people, and the system has worked perfectly from day one.

 by Google Review by Bruce L.
A true pleasure to have done business with them
City & State: Baltimore, MD

My wife and I had been interested in alternate energy solutions for a number of years. We did not have direct access to a substantial waterfall or ocean waves in Southeast Baltimore. A home wind power generator or two did not fit in our row house space either.

Solar seemed to be best available alternative, but the systems we had seen had drawbacks for our flat roof. The panels were relatively heavy and we had a great deal of concern whether the panels could be securely anchored without putting holes in our flat roof. We were stuck for awhile until we happened to be at a friend's house in 2010 who was interviewing MSSI for a possible solar installation. That situation did not pan out (You need some sunshine to get these panels to work.) but the presentation interested us.

We had a preliminary meeting at our home and a solution was sketched out using lightweight panels full of tubes. The panels were anchored by the decidedly low tech method of placing sandbags on the bases. So we were interested.

The presentation continued with explanations of the various tax incentives, cost of ownership and expected reduction in energy bills. We agreed to move forward. MSSI assisted us in completing the necessary forms to be recognized as an energy producer. As for the actual installation, the electrical work and panel installation was completed in a timely manner. We were happily watching the meter move much more slowly, and sometimes in reverse, by the fall of 2010.

In the intervening years the system has performed admirably. We do have occasional blasts of 60+ mph winds, but the low profile is unaffected. The sandbags have kept any panels from flying off the roof as well. The MSSI staffers have been consistently gracious and helpful in resolving questions over the years.

It has been a true pleasure to have done business with them.

 by Google Review by Brett Q.
Cannot say enough about how professional and efficient the process has been
City & State: Towson, MD

This is one of the easiest scores to give and may not emphasize just how straightforward this project has been. I often do not find the time to write reviews, but this one is deserved. Almost 6 months into using my panels, I cannot say enough about how professional and efficient the process has been. From first phone calls and meeting to installation and 6 months of painless energy generation. My wife and I are very busy with work and kids and this could not have been easier. Even the quick call on monitoring when my panels feedback on their system "turned off" (actually I changed to a new router and everything rebooted to show my production on my phone app and at MSSI's office without doing anything special-- but I was impressed at how fast they called to check if everything was up and running properly-they suspected my internet connection had gone down). MSSI knows this world inside and out. So glad that they were recommended to us. Don't rent your roof to some big chain. Go with top quality products, installation and service and enjoy the full benefit of your electricity production, tax benefits and feel good about what you are contributing to make our world a greener place.

 by Google Review by Robert C.
Things went smoothly
City & State: Baltimore, MD

We had our solar panel installation about 5 years ago (2011). Overall, things went smoothly. The sales pitch from MSSI was pretty low key (good) and explained things better than the other guys we had in -- but we still had to do our own research to understand the system. There were no glitches in installation, or since. The main annoyance with solar is selling the SRECs that accumulate. It took us a while to find a semi-decent way to do that, and it would be nice if MSSI could explain the options there.

 by Google Review by Bill P.
You cannot go wrong with this team
City & State: Columbia, MD

This process started in early March 2015. I talked to 3 installation contractors that I had vetted on Solar Reviews, two in person and one through email. Fortunately, the first one I met with was Colette Hayward from Maryland Solar Solutions. She spent two hours in my kitchen, gave me all the specifics, showed me the reasons why she uses the equipment she uses/recommends, and what I could get within the budget I had provided. I am an engineer and I was highly impressed by her knowledge and presentation.

The installation was professional from top to bottom. MSSI took care of all permits and rebates from the state and county (I took care of the federal tax break). They also registered my system on PJM-GATS so I will get credit for my SRECS. In addition, I have peace of mind for the next 5 years as they will monitor the system for any anomalies (ask other installers if they will do this!).

There were some delays in getting the system installed due to the HOA, but we were able to come online in late June 2015. MSSI gave me a conservative estimate of my generation potential and the system has exceeded those numbers. In fact, we had estimated we would be able to generate 75% of our electric needs, but with some usage tweaks on our part, we will be able to generate more electricity than we used for the first year. Hoping this stays true in the future.

If you are going to purchase a PV system (and I highly recommend this over leasing, as you lose all the benefits of the incentives and rebates), then you should only talk to MSSI. They pull no punches, they do not sell you a bill of goods, and they give you professional service from top to bottom. Colette Hayward and her team provide straight talk and they conservatively estimate the output of your system (which they should) so that you will have confidence in what you are getting (they even provided a chart of costs and ROI that showed a dip in return in year 15 when you will need to replace the inverter). You cannot go wrong with this team.

 by Google Review by David D.
Efficient and Professional
City & State: Baltimore, MD

After soliciting proposals from both sellers and renters of solar installations, we contracted with MSSI in October 2013 to install our system, and we’re glad we chose this company. Our installation was efficient and professional, and according to SolarEdge, the inverter/monitor system MSSI provided, we’ve produced 18.84 MWh of electricity since the installation, at an estimated value of more than $2500.00. Because of this saving, and the several tax incentives MSSI guided us toward, we’re confident that we’ll achieve our mutual goal of amortizing the initial cost -- plus a new roof we needed anyway – over the next five years or so. It’s also great to have no BG&E bills – gas and delivery costs included – for 7 or even 8 months of the year.

Even more important to us than the savings was the sense of responsible and environmentally sound energy production. We did it for our grandchildren as much as for ourselves. And those commitments to an environmental economy were clearly reflected by Colette and the staff at MSSI. One reason they were our choice, after we decided to purchase rather than lease, was personal attention and passionate commitment to environmentally-responsible energy production. Whereas other vendors submitted proposals based on a cookie-cutter formula, Collette spent more than an hour on our roof, designing with sophisticated electronic equipment an installation that found the best locations for the panels, so that each operates at the most efficient level. When the contractor came to replace our roof, Colette was here at 6:30 AM to climb up on the roof and tell the roofer where a sun-tunnel could -- and could not – be placed, and where an existing vent had to be re-routed so a panel could use the efficient space the vent formerly used. The day the system was installed, Colette was on the job site most of the time, providing a hands-on approach we appreciate in the owner of a business.

All in all, our experience with MSSI was first-rate, one of the best we’ve had with any firm. We’re pleased with the result and recommend Colette and her associates to anyone who wants a top-shelf energy system at a fair price. And remember: we’re not just doing this for ourselves, though we will benefit greatly; we’re doing it for our grandkids.

 by Google Review by Peter R.
Prompt, businesslike, professional
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

Prompt, businesslike, professional. Clean installation. No BS

 by Google Review by Gus
Highly recommend
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

Passionate, honest, upfront company that delivers a high quality and high performing product. We have been pleased with everyone we have dealt with at MSSI. Highly recommend them!

 by Google Review by Kathleen K.
A great complany
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Our experience with Maryland Solar Solutions has been wonderful. They installed the array about a year ago. Everyone we worked with was professional and courteous. The bonus that really sold us on MSSI was the real time monitoring. They call us if the connection goes down for any reason. Without that monitoring you could never be sure whether the array was working or not. That feature gives us real confidence in the output of our panels.

Maryland Solar is a great company.

 by Google Review by Steve G.
The performance of my system has been outstanding
City & State: Chevy Chase, MD

MSSI installed my solar panels about 3 years ago. The installation was very clean, without conduits draped over the eaves of my roof. They carefully routed through my attic to maintain a clean, uncluttered appearance. They addressed a problem with one of my inverters within days, replacing the defective part under warranty.

The performance of my system has been outstanding. I pay a little for power in January and February, but get through the rest of the year paying nothing, or paying only the transmission fees.

 by Google Review by Jose W.
Great company to work with
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

Great company to work with which did a very clean install and were slightly conservative with the estimated production. A few panels had warranty issues which were taken care of quickly and without any hassles. Do to the great service I have my car charger installation scheduled through an affiliate of theirs, and if and when I decide to expand my solar array they will be my first call.

 by Google Review by John Y.
The best
City & State: Baltimore, MD

We have been up and running for about 3 years. The system is exceeding all estimates by far. The office crew is always available for any questions that arise, and Colette is the best!

 by Google Review by Robert P.
The company of the future
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Have had 16 panel system on our garage for 2 years & we are so happy with it's performance. I'm a retired meteorologist/climatologist who wanted to help save our planet of CO2, SO2 & NOx plus other elements. Saved over 17,000 lbs of CO2 so far. Colletta & MSSI with Solar Edge has done exactly as they claimed. Such a professional, highly responsible with highest integrity firm are they. Our Pope Francis came to the America's & the UN in Sept. 2015 to ensure SOLAR was part of the environmental formula or energy mix. By owning our system we receive the MD $1,000 energy pay-out, 30% Fed. Income tax credit, plus sale of 11 SREC's. MSSI is the company of the future for the USA & World!

 by Google Review by Jsavitz J.
Highly recommend
City & State: Rockville, MD

MSSI is so HOT, get it on your roof ASAP!

We put MSSI solar on our roof 2 years ago and it is performing very well. We are very happy with it. It is producing almost exactly the amount of power that MSSI predicted.

We chose MSSI because they were incredibly responsive, and had a ton of expertise on the technology. Their predicted power generation was actually higher than others, which they attributed to the quality of the Winaico panels. I wasn't sure it would pan out but it did. So we got a great system for a competitive price and they took care of everything in setting it up.

I'd highly recommend MSSI and solar. It is so fulfilling to know we are now generating so much (65%) of our own energy and we can''t wait to go to 100%. The time is going by fast and this system will be paid off in 7-8 years from the time of installation.

So, go solar, what are you waiting for? MSSI is a great way to do it.

 by Google Review by Krista R.
Highly recommend
City & State: Baltimore, MD

MSSI offers the best quality of everything: service, expertise, solutions. Installation went perfectly and we were up/running in less than 2mos. We highly recommend MSSI. Before contacting MSSI we had called Solar Energy World and Solar City - both refused to even meet with us, suggesting that google maps showed shading that would prohibit PV energy options. Contrarily, MSSI made an appointment for Colette to come to our home the following week. Colette carefully assessed our solar options onsite, rooftop, using Solmetric SunEye, then spent several hours explaining how to overcome our partial shading challenges using SolarEdge''s power optimizers - which offer the same benefits of micro inverters, at less cost, and without the failures that micro inverters incur. She also helped us to target several trees for removal which substantially alleviated our shading problem during productive hours. MSSI offers the best quality of everything: service, expertise, solutions. Installation went perfectly and we were up/running in less than 2mos. We highly recommend MSSI.

 by Google Review by Lisa N.
Exceeded my expectations
City & State: Columbia, MD

Colette Hayward and her crew exceeded my expectations for professionalism. They were prompt, eager to address any and all of my questions, completely knowledgeable of their product and the solar market. I only wish all of the contractors I work with were as pleasant to work with and worthy of my trust and investment. I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

 by SolarReviews Review by JPS
Exceeded expectations
City & State: Brunswick, MD

The entire process was seemless. I liked that they would not take your order on the first visit, giving us time to think about it. They handled all the permits and dealt with the electric company as well as setting up accounts for us to sell our credits and get the Marylland solar grant. They were very responsive to questions before AND after the installation. There are 14 east facing and 14 west facing panels so both arrays aren't in direct sun at the same time however I have seen peak output at up to 6.2 kW. The installation has bee operating 26 days and we just reached 1 MW of total output. MSSI is quality people selling quality products and topnotch customer service.

 by Google Review by Khoa N.
Passionate and knowledgeable
City & State: Catonsville, MD

MSSI installed 34 solar panels on my roof about 4 years ago. The system has been performing without a hitch. I almost forget I have solar until I look at the ridiculous low Pepco bill every month. The best decision ever made to go solar and to choose MSSI as the installer. For those who are looking for a solar solution, the following factors have helped me pick MSSI among others:

1. Passionate and knowledgeable Collete (owner) and staff members
2. MSSI is a local company
3. Material is German designed, and manufactured in the US
4. The installation is beautiful. MSSI takes care of all the permits/rebates and will keep you in the loop of every step.

 by Google Review by Nicole K
Outstanding customer service
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Outstanding customer service starting from the initial phone call! No pressure! Very knowledgeable about the PV industry. Maintained communication throughout the entire process. Professional staff, trustworthy, reliable, and helpful! Thank you for an amazing experience!

 by Google Review by Steve K.
Impressed with the competence and professionalism
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

I have been impressed with the competence and professionalism of MSSI from the first in-home interview through the installation and endless paperwork required by the county, BGE and GATS. They clearly set up their approach with the perspective of the customer in mind.
Colette, the company president, came to the house to make the presentation.
She had a written proposal based on the information I had given her over the phone and SHE HAD A COPY FOR ME.
The projections of energy that we would produce were conservative and consequently probably realistic.
She went up on the roofs and took measurements.
The payment schedule allowed us to reserve the final 10% until after we were producing energy and were fully satisfied so I had no qualms about not being able to get their attention after the bill was paid.
Every time I called, I got a person who listened to what I had to say, was competent, dealt with the issue and followed up when necessary. How refreshing!
The crew showed up when they said they would, did a great job and were courteous and respectful. They even spray painted the metal conduit to match the color of house – a nice touch. They hooked up to the service panel and my modem with a minimum of disruption. Everybody knew what they were doing!
After the installation, there is still quite a wait for county approval, registration for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s) and installation by BGE of a net meter. MSSI took the initiative in coordinating things every step of the way.
There were no add-on charges.
I have now been producing energy for five months and am proud to be green. I take pleasure in checking my Solar Edge software regularly and patting myself on the back.
I don’t usually go on so profusely about businesses I encounter, but this one is exceptional.

 by Google Review by William D.
City & State: Baltimore, MD

My experience with MSSI was excellent, I have no reservations in recommending them as the best solar company in the area. I got bids from 6 companies. MSSI was not the cheapest, but I took a chance that they would be as good as their word in terms of service, quality, performance, and schedule, and they did everything they promised. My neighbor used another company and regretted it. What pleased me the most was how they worked with the permitting office to ensure I would be allowed to install the maximum number of panels on the roof. It was a struggle but MSSI's diligence paid off. My thanks to all of you!

 by Google Review by Leo G.
Simply fantastic
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Maryland Solar Solutions was simply fantastic. From Colette's personal involvement in the design and sales to the professional, on time installation and personal care. It was fantastic. Perhaps best of all was the personal touch. I never felt like a number or one of many as a might have from a big solar firm. I've had the system for more than two years with NO PROBLEMS. It continues to produce more than expectations.

I highly recommend MSSI and would be happy to share my personal experience with anyone considering

 by SolarReviews Review by Swammy
Appreciative Solar Customer in Maryland
City & State: Manchester, MD

Great experience with Maryland Solar Solutions. Installed an 8.7kwp system at the end of 2015. Collette and team where great in getting my installation done before year-end so I could take advantage of the tax credit. I was getting nervous toward the end of the month, but they assured me they'd get it done...and they delivered. The staff worked with me to adjust the layout so I could be assured it was going to look good on my roof. I had them send to me several layout options, and they were more than happy to accommodate. I highly recommend MSSI for anyone looking to invest (as opposed to lease) in going green. Already seeing substantial savings from BGE.

 by SolarReviews Review by KG
Excellent knowledge and service
City & State: Silver Spring, MD

Loved that the owner came out to discuss the system - really encouraged us to do our own research. MSSI didn't just try to sell us on a system that fit their needs and business plan but had us actively participate in the figuring out which system worked best for us.

 by SolarReviews Review by Michael T.
Outstanding experience
City & State: Sykesville, MD

After researching and meeting with multiple companies MSSI was, far and away, the right choice (and an easy choice to make). All of my interactions with MSSI employees from the initial consultation over the phone through in-person meetings with the owner (who does her own sales work!) and all of the installers/electricians/office staff along the way were fantastic. MSSI was upfront with costs and how they do their savings estimates; most of the other companies I spoke with waved their hands at the details or were intentionally vague.

Of all the companies I met with MSSI was the only one who was able to discuss the engineering details of their preferred panels, and other options on the market, and why they install the brand panel they do - very impressive. Colette (the owner) even had panel samples to walk me through the fabrication process for the panels MSSI prefers.

The installer crew and electricians were consummate professionals. In three consecutive work days the system went from components on the truck to fully installed and hooked up to my electrical panel AND passed inspection with the county! And on top of that, through their persistence with the utility they had BGE installing my net meter in about 2 weeks (fast, even for BGE, if you do your research on typical wait times for net meter installations).

Even before signing a contract I easily went through 6 or 7 design iterations with MSSI and each time they were very responsive and willing to put in the extra effort to design a system exactly to my needs and specifications - with no guarantee of a sale. MSSI offers customer service at a level unheard of these days. And after signing a contract MSSI was able to move up the installation many weeks because of an unexpected gap in their schedule, I got solar power generation ~2 months early because of their diligence.

Bottom line...if you're serious about getting a solar PV system MSSI is a company you need to meet with. They're not necessarily the cheapest (although certainly not the most expensive), but they are a company that is comprised entirely of professionals whom you can trust to do the job right using the best materials with which to do it and all the while being responsive to their customer. MSSI knows the ins and outs of their business and no company I interacted with was as responsive or knowledgeable about solar PV.

 by Google Review by Jonathan J.
Highly professional
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Collette is the best. She is very knowledgeable and highly professional. Hiring MSSI was one of the best contracting decisions we every made. We received three bids. MSSI was not the lowest, but Colette gave me the confidence, justified, that she would do a great job. She was the only vendor that went into my attic and told me I needed more insulation. She was right and did it for less than half the price my handyman quoted me. She also right off the bat said we had to move the vent stacks to the north facing side of the roof so the array could run uninterrupted. Neither of the other two vendors were going to do that without me suggesting it. She also knew exactly how many panels would fit on my roof. Another vendor was going to install three fewer panels which would have resulted in a 9 percent reduction in power output. MSSI also includes five years of monitoring in its contract. They''ll know if there is a defective component before I do. In the year since I've turned the system on, we've generated over 12 MWH of electricity and reduced our electric bill by 85 percent. If you live in the DMV and have the right situation regarding the orientation of your roof and shade, etc., going solar is a no brainer. If you go decide to go solar, go MSSI.

 by SolarReviews Review by wdax
City & State: Annapolis, MD

My experience with MSSI was excellent, I have no reservations in recommending them as the best solar company in the area. I got bids from 6 companies. MSSI was not the cheapest, but I took a chance that they would be as good as their word in terms of service, quality, performance, and schedule, and they did everything they promised. My neighbor used another company and regretted it. What pleased me the most was how they worked with the permitting office to ensure I would be allowed to install the maximum number of panels on the roof. It was a struggle but MSSI's diligence paid off. My thanks to all of you!

 by SolarReviews Review by c77frank
The best warranty out there
City & State: Brandywine, MD

We have had our MSS installed solar system for 16 months now and couldn't be happier with the results. We don't pay for electric anymore and we earn extra money selling our solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). MSS did a great job installing our system and they have the most asthetically pleasing approach of any installer in the entire DC-Baltimore area. No visible conduit pipes running across your roof or on the side of your house. They do it right...while other installers don't care what it looks like from the street. And the best warranty out there!

 by SolarReviews Review by Tony C.
End-to-End excellence
City & State: Catonsville, MD

I couldn't have been more satisfied with the service and communication provided by the incredibly knowledgeable Colette Hayward and everyone on her team. Working with Maryland Solar was a pleasure throughout, from their very low-pressure sales approach, to the fast installation and implementation process. Everything was completed on time, or earlier, and I was kept fully informed every step of the way. They have continued to provide superb follow-up service even after the installation, always happy to answer all questions quickly and provide any needed help with any BGE or SREC-related issues. To provide just one example of the type of company they are--when an employee wasn't 100% sure how to answer question I had about a relatively minor aspect of my BGE bill (concerning future electricity delivery" charges), Colette not only went out of her way to immediately respond to my question, but also made a change to the Maryland Solar employee training program to make sure all employees were informed on this issue. Definitely recommend Maryland Solar highly to any homeowner considering going solar!

 by Solar Reviews Review by SolarCustomer
Professional job done by a professional company
City & State: Olney, MD

I had a large 42-panel system installed on my house in late March 2016 and I could not be happier. MSSI was professional, responsible, and got the job done on time and on budget. My system is up and about 3 months after I signed. In fact, it would have been done sooner if I had not delayed the process [I delayed it a few weeks to give my own contractor more time to widen a closet that holds my main electrical box]. Colette Hayward was informative and helpful throughout the entire process. And, true to her word, she was there during installation. Every promise MSSI made was kept. When I had questions regarding the system and making sure that attic is properly ventilated, they responded quickly. After installation, they told me that PEPCO would send me the authority-to-operate email within 2 weeks, and sure enough, 12 days later I got the email from Pepco and to turn it on. The team that installed the panels did an excellent job and it shows: The lines are clean, the wiring is professional. And, even better, the system is generating more power than originally estimated. For those of you who think this is a made-up review, this project is real. In fact, you can see the panels on my house on MSSI's photo gallery in Olney, MD. If you count the number of panels, you will see 42 on the roof. I would easily recommend MSSI to anyone looking to have solar panels installed.

 by Google Review by Carol G.
Would recommend them without hesitation
City & State: Reisterstown, MD

So enjoyed working with MSSI from the very professional presentation to going "live." Collette and her team are the best and I would recommend them without hesitation. Already exceeding their projected rewards of our solar panels--best investment we ever made!

 by SolarReviews Review by Lilliana S.
Completely satisfied
City & State: Bel Air, MD

It has been over a year since our solar system was installed and I am still completely satisfied by the work they done in our property. They kept us well informed of each step of the process and i really appreciated how they keep monitoring the cells and how quick they are to solve any problems that arise. Collete and her team are absolutely amazing at what they do and great to work with.

 by Google Review by Nancy S.
The best company of any kind
City & State: Baltimore, MD

My wife, Nancy, looked into several other solar companies. We even got a detailed estimate from one (actually a sales pitch). But, in the end we chose MSSI.

Colette, the CEO of MSSI, came to our home to explain in detail about solar panel technologies. She provided a estimate for an array that would meet our need for 100% solar power. After considering other funding options we decided on a home equity loan.

Just as Collette promised we got federal, state and county tax benefits and the home equity loan also has a tax benefit. Dan, in the MSSI office, helped us set up SRECs and we earn about $150 per month in that way.

Solaredge enables us to monitor the performance of our panels 24/7. When we had a problem with one Collette came out immediately and fixed it.

Collette was at our home when the panels first arrived and she personally ensured that the installation was done correctly. That meant that she was on the roof herself on a hot August day.

MSSI is the best company of any kind that we have dealt with.

 by Google Review by Calvin A.
Very professional and knowledgeable
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Very professional and knowledgeable. Even the inspector was impressed. I would use them again if I bought another house.

 by Google Review by Nathaniel C.
Extremely knowledgeable
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

I would recommend you call MSSI when collecting bids for a new solar installation. The staff are polite and responsive and the owner Collette is extremely knowledgeable and competent. They will NOT be the cheapest, but they just may be the best.

 by SolarReviews Review by hs32
Professional, efficient installation
City & State: Hyattsville, MD

These people really know what they're doing, and their service goes beyond a professional installation to include monitoring of the system and assistance with any of the paperwork (taxes, rebates) that goes with solar installation. We had a system installed in October (starting in the darker months), and now in March we're already well ahead of our production in kWh -- been feeding the grid since day 1. Thanks.

 by SolarReviews Review by Larraine
Would recommend to anyone
City & State: Belcamp, MD

There is not an issue or promise that has not been kept by Maryland Solar. I did my homework prior to having Colette come and give me her estimate. She answered all of my questions and followed up with me when I had additional concerns. Maryland Solar's team performed all aspects of the installation with professional accuracy and my home looks great. I have also been very satisfied with the production of the panels that have been installed. I monitor regularly and the staff is always quick to answer my questions and assist with helping me. I would recommend Maryland Solar to anyone looking to own their panels. Thanks for everything.

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